Judicial Campaigns

Judicial Campaigns

KNI Communications’ judicial campaign team has particular expertise in winning elections for qualified ethical candidates seeking to serve on the bench. Our work has been praised and highlighted in numerous media outlets and we had great success in the March 2018 Democratic Primary Election where our victorious clients included Judge Robert Harris, Judge Kent Delgado, Judge Jeanne Wrenn, Judge-elect Kevin Cunningham, Judge-elect Jamie Shapiro and Judge-elect Lindsay Huge.

Though few judicial campaigns generate much media coverage or analysis, our success directing the victory of now-Judge Megan Goldish was profiled in detail by multiple news outlets including American City and County Magazine which focused on our innovative use of social media. We are frequently asked to provide commentary for news outlets on trends in judicial campaigns and elections.

Leading elected officials including Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin and Chicago Alderman Joe Moore have praised KNI on television programs for our ability to find new paths to victory for judicial clients, taking comprehensive and community-oriented approaches to elections and using resources smartly.

We have worked with many outstanding members of the Illinois judiciary including Judges Lionel Jean-Baptiste, Kent Delgado, Jerry Esrig, Celia Gamrath, Megan Goldish, Carrie Hamilton, Robert Harris, Anna Loftus, Karen Lynn O’Malley, Dan Kubasiak, Bill Gomolinski, Greg Ahern, Sharon Johnson, Eve Marie Reilly and Jeanne Wrenn – as well as incoming 2018 class Judges Kevin Cunningham, Jamie Shapiro and Lindsay Huge.

To prepare clients for a successful judicial campaign, KNI Communications can:

  • Evaluate the existing political landscape to identify the best opportunities for a successful run
  • Provide objective analysis of candidate strengths and weaknesses
  • Prepare clients for bar association evaluations
  • Create realistic timelines for pre-campaign and full-campaign activities
  • Develop realistic and comprehensive budget projections
  • Provide comprehensive ethics training so that candidates know the do’s and don’t’s of a judicial campaign
  • Obtain the best data possible and analyze demographic and voter history information to determine the strongest path to victory
  • Provide introductions to key stakeholders and opinion leaders
  • Guide community and political outreach efforts
  • Identify important community and political events and prepare candidates for attendance
  • Conduct trainings on public / political speaking
  • Develop messaging and press / collateral materials
  • Develop voter contact materials including direct mail, walkcards, websites, online ads, radio ads, television ads, billboards, yard signs, campaign paraphanelia
  • Plan and execute phone voter contact programs
  • Coordinate campaign research and polling
  • Manage social media efforts using new, innovative results-driven technology and tactics
  • Prepare clients for endorsement sessions coordinated by key organizations and media outlets
  • Identification, mobilization, training and oversight of staff and volunteers
  • Identify opportunities for coalition building and political partnerships
  • Manage the process of data collection, including managing lists of volunteers and supportive voters
  • Coordinate and publicize campaign activities when relevant to demonstrate a “show of support” to political and community opinion leaders
  • Organize a sophisticated field operation – making sure that a candidate’s message gets to the voters in their neighborhoods
  • Run a top-notch “Get Out The Vote” operation on Election Day
If you follow the KNI Communications approach, we will assist you pro-bono in the final task of the campaign – identifying the best venue for your victory party! To set up a meeting regarding a potential judicial campaign, please e-mail info@KNICommunications.com or call 312-576-8822.

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